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The Subplot

A Podcast

On ‘The Subplot’ I interview people who aren’t just talking… but actually making their dreams a reality .

Filmmaker Jesse Shapiro talks to actors, directors, comedians, producers, writers, managers and everyone in between about the ins-and-outs and the ups and downs of a life in the creative arts.  The podcast provides inspirational stories of perseverance and success, as well as expert advice for anyone who wants to have a meaningful career doing what they love.

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Featured Episodes

Most people would give up on their dream of being an actor after being rejected by their college drama program multiple times. Adam Shapiro didn’t, and his mindset has continued to be an incredible asset throughout his career.

He’s currently starring in the Broadway musical 'Waitress' and starred in Jesse's film 'Nobody Walks in LA'. The conversation delves into Adam’s process for authenticity in auditions, dealing with rejection and how to keep it positive in the crazy world of entertainment.

Patience. Not a lot of people seeking a career in entertainment have it. Especially after meetings with the head of Sony and comedy legend Adam Sandler. But Payman removed his ego and realized he needed more experience under his belt to succeed in show business so he worked for free on projects he believed in.

Now he’s a much sought after television director known from 'Who is America', 'Modern Family', 'Key and Peele', and 'Teachers' on TV Land. Payman discusses his journey from Iranian refugee to becoming an acclaimed television comedy director.

Learn how Jesse's film ‘Nobody Walks in LA’ came to be with this panel interview with Jesse and his producers, Jeremy Elliot and Sarah Satow. Originally recorded November 1, 2016. Moderated by Dennis Baker, Business Program Director for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.


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